USS Skagit
Operation Passage To Freedom


Haiphong to Saigon

August 18, 1954 - May 20, 1955

"The greatest mass evacuation in world history"


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Acting under the terms of the Indochina accords of 1954, the USN and USMC assisted in the relocation of civilians and materiel from North to South Vietnam. Over the course of operation `Passage to Freedom, over 310,000 civilians, 88,000 tons of cargo, and 8,100 vehicles were transported. The operation involved 109 ships and craft, 59 of which were from the amphibious forces.

Images: William R. Park EN2 1951-1955

Transferring refugees to Skagit from French LSM

A normal load

A helping hand

Delegating one man as "Boss"

Time for chow

Lunch under a "Mike" boat

Tsu Fu

Burial at sea

An infant is Buried at sea

The following eight pictures of Haiphong
submitted by Ray Hackenberg

The Following Picture Submitted By
Rolland Turcotte

Saigon 1954

Saigon 1954

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